Design the Solution

In the design phase, I always keep top-of-mind three dimensions: What are we creating today? What are we going to market with tomorrow? How will we grow the brand and deepen our user relationship over the long haul?

Iterative design/build cycles establish a team workflow that must remain aligned with the core vision. We are building a product that is inherently and continually evolving to meet the needs of your users.

Design in service of others.


The following are design work samples from select clients. 

Halo Xbox

Halo Xbox

Comcast Business

Comcast Business



American Homebrewers Assoc.

American Homebrewers Assoc.



What: When 343 Industries (Microsoft) acquired the Halo property from Bungie, there was a pervasive attitude that the franchise only had a few more releases in it, but was essentially over. Bonnie Ross had a different point of view when she took over 343 and brought the property back to life with a focus on story. The BLITZ Agency was hired to build out a world outside of the game. That world was Halo Waypoint.

Assignment: Imagine a multi-platform experience across mobile, desktop and console designed to connect hardcore Halo gamers to collaborate and plan around further game play. Using player game data as the bedrock content, I led a team to build out the architecture and designs for a multiplayer, multi-participant experience complete with Kinect integration.

Role: Product Strategist, UX and Design Team Lead, Product Management




Assignment: Design and develop a single mobile app experience that gives Comcast business customers control over their core business digital infrastructure. The intuitive navigation, relevant content and appropriate visual design must build trust and confidence in the implicit partnership. The app will compliment the current customer account management web experience by bringing a truncated account admin feature set together with Voice service functionality.

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Role: UX Team Lead


Responsive architecture



Assignment: Design a responsive website that tells the Ruffwear story and motivates consumers and dealers to buy the right products. Ruffwear’s new website will establish their position as the leader in performance dog gear. An intuitive, educational experience will leverage their brand story to build awareness and promote engagement, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Design must support 75 products in 20 categories with the potential for 50 more. Execution to enable micro-interactions that communicate status, provide feedback, create a sense of place and encourage interaction

Role: Product Strategist, Team Lead, UX Lead


I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to have you on the development team for our website. You have created such a wonderful experience for our customers and I couldn’t imagine anyone else bringing it to life.
— Victor Ortado, Ruffwear Creative Director



Assignment: Homebrewers are a crazy bunch of modern day vikings! They love beer, barley, hops and exchanging stories of brewing glory and disaster. A beard is not mandatory, but encouraged. The American Homebrewers Association is their spiritual guide through the ups and downs of the craft. Consider it to be the Wall St. Journal of beer. You get the news on what's happening, who's doing it, how they did it and what you could be doing. That's a lot of content.

So we built those crazy, beer guzzling, refined souls an application that delivers collections of high quality articles and insider tips. It maps you're home town or the town you've honed in on to reveal all the beer deals around you –right now. Those are deals on your after-work ales, your breakfast sours and your lunch time lagers. Hey... slow down... this is really about brewing your OWN beer, so the app also finds deals on brewing equipment and bags of hops. 

We surveyed thousands of members to learn which of our four concepts they preferred and their overall preferences. That feedback gave us enough direction that we zeroed in on a single concept that had the most impact. We created a personalized app that visualizes AHA recommendations through an interactive map and dashboard. We structured the experience to learn about user preferences so we could provide locations for deals, supplies, breweries, and non-AHA-affiliated establishments. We also suggest custom-tailored content like recipes and Zymurgy articles based on check-ins.

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Role: Product Strategist, UX Lead, Team Lead


3-stages. Click. Ponder.


What is the purpose of your product or service? Where are the underserved opportunities? Which opportunities extend or deepen your brand story inside the current or future ecosystem? Who is doing this successfully?


How many ways can we engage your customer? What does conversion feel like? What are our options? How could the content be presented? Does it align to a customer's belief system?


What is the content architecture? How many steps are required to complete an action? What are the sign posts that lead the user? Does each interaction communicate our brand essence?

Design is the process of going from an existing condition to a preferred one.
— Milton Glaser