Change is in the air

“Should I stay or should I go now? If I stay there will be trouble. If I go it will be double.”

The band’s name eludes me, but the tune is stuck in my head! Moving on is hard to do, but staying put could be a slow death.

Things have reached a simmering boil and a sudden watershed conversation may have relieved the tension over what comes next. For us, we usually come to an explosive atmosphere when great change is in the air. It tends not to be a smooth transition as there is much emotion involved. However, once we get it all out, then we can move forward with determination.

Four years. That is the time that has swiftly passed since our Colorado chapter begin. In that time, we have accomplished much on one hand and very little on the other. If we lay out the amount of creative work that has been produced, the knowledge gained, the real estate exchanged and the healthy environment our children have enjoyed- we have been busy. However, the price has been feeling shut-off from a purposeful path that feels “large.” A disconnect from the action. A loss of friendships that we hold dear built up over eight years in LA.

Whether this line of reasoning is ego or not is hard to say.

That said, I think a time limit will be soon posted on our future in the Roaring Fork valley. I sense a change in the air…


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