Cactus header

I’m impressed…

With all the sites I review literally on a daily basis and the number of interactive firms I examine per month, I’m taken with Cactus. They’re a firm in Denver (close enough to tempt) that has been creating some strong work.

It’s the flash work that I find compelling. Yes, their company site is nice. It clearly presents their portfolio and news, while the use of the technology doesn’t trump the usability. It has a nice clean interface and provides enough cues to the user that explanations about how to navigate unnecessary.

It is a fairly scalable navigation concept that will serve them for a while. Additionally…

One of their portfolio sites is stunning. It provides a small model world of whimsy in such a fun and engaging way to communicate the teens the concept of CHOICE. I wasn’t aware, until recently, of the ability for Flash to create an almost claymation kind of environment. I want to talk with them on how they were able to develop so many varied movie clips within flash without being penalized by overly fat files.

Your C

This site is worth visiting. Look for another post on a new Got Milk campaign that is equally as impressive. I’m so psyched to finally witness such dimensionality on the web!!!


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