Add Gonzales to the Wall of Shame

To continue the rant on Bush’s incompetency, I thought it appropriate to post the impeach Gonzales video that (if you look past the hyped editing style) does demonstrate another appointee who fails to inspire.

He has not the acumen, the intelligence, the moral compass nor the communication skills to hold the awarded post. Go to the bottom of this entry to see the video. However, before you do, I couldn’t help back up my claim of “another appointee who fails to inspire.” I like lists, so here are a few others scandal riddled Bush-men that come to mind on my WALL OF SHAME:

Lewis Libby this former vice presidential chief of staff was convicted of four felony charges relating to the Plame affair by a federal jury on March 7, 2007.
Jack Abramoff (In 2000, Abramoff was named to George Bush’s presidential transition team for the Interior Department, helping select the new Republican leadership team)
Steven Griles (associated with Jack Abramoff and Lobby-gate)
Roger G. Stillwell was tried and convicted in the Lobby-gate scandal. He was a coal lobbyist and then Deputy Secretary for the US Dept. of the Interior (wow, another appointee from the energy sector… how odd…)
Lester Crawford, a former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to an October 17, 2006, Associated Press article, Crawford “abruptly resigned” from the FDA in September 2005 and pleaded guilty to charges of “conflict of interest and false reporting of information about stocks he owned in food, beverage and medical device companies he was in charge of regulating” in October 2006.
Brian J. Doyle, former deputy press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. On September 19, 2006, Doyle “pleaded no contest to seven counts of using a computer to seduce a child and 16 counts of transmitting harmful material to a minor.”
Claude A. Allen, former assistant to the president for domestic policy. Allen resigned in February 2006 after a January 2006 police investigation concerning multiple fraudulent returns to a Target store in Gaithersburg, Maryland. On August 4, 2006, Allen pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor theft.
David H. Safavian, a former chief of staff of the General Services Administration. Safavian was found guilty of lying and obstructing justice in June 2006. Another Lobby-gate conspirator…
John T. Korsmo, former chairman of the Federal Housing Finance Board. On April 7, 2005, Korsmo “pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements to the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, which oversees the Finance Board, and the Inspector General for the Finance Board.”
John Ashcroft (paranoia is good for the nation and good for our policies…)- not convicted of any wrong-doing, but surely a candidate for ridicule…
Michael D. Brown (former FEMA fiasco czar) was never convicted of anything except being non-responsive and uninterested in the position he held. Interestingly, after the Hurricane Katrina debacle and his subsequent dismissal, he became a critic of the Bush Administration (a case of back-stabbing the back-stabbers perhaps?).

That’s all I can write on this subject as I am again totally dis-heartened by the stupidity present in “our” government…


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