World Trade Center Towers Collapse

So, here we are five years after 9-11-01 and footage of that days events are still coming out from personal sources. I just happened to come across this video on Google Video. It serves as a reminder to the events that have changed our country.

What is difficult is that as it recedes in our memories, its impact also diminishes. My children have no remembrance. It doesn’t affect my daily life. Neither does the war which began and continues to this day. These images were used as a pretext for other agendas.

I hope this video stays up for years to come so it can be accessed… lest we forget.


One thought on “World Trade Center Towers Collapse

  1. My response to this video, is to re-live that day at the moment the event unfolded. What I remmember is that after some time maybe after the collapses, a colleague at work came by and said to me “I have been expecting a day when something like this would happen for a long time”. I agreed with him that I had similar fears. We didn’t discuss it any further but what I felt we were agreeing on is was that our country was the hope of the entire world and yet much of the world didn’t understand and appreciate that. So, we weren’t awfully shocked buy the attack. Now I believe that in their minds, the terrorist plotters and planners had to make the publicly fantastic horrorific suicidal display because Allah was upset with them for failing in the feeble ’93 attempt.

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