Prius on the Horizon!


Yup, I’m taking the plunge! I’m buying a Toyota Prius!

It’s part of the 40th celebration and an effort to walk the talk. We live in a small enough environment that the stop-start advantages of a hybrid really make sense. If I was primarily logging freeway miles, a diesel would have been my choice, particularly the VW Jetta TDI. The lines on those keep getting better.

So here’s the pricing that I have in front of me. First, you should know that I’ve tried haggling. There doesn’t seem to be any maneuvering room as these just sail off the lots. It’s hard for me to accept that as I always am looking to strike a deal based on invoice, not MSRP.

If someone knows better about this, then by all means, contact me immediately. The car is to be delivered on Friday, but I’ve only put down a deposit of $500.


25,639 – Standard model with Package 4 (HID headlights, 6-CD changer, premium sound, Bluetooth, MP3/iPod connection, homelink)
24, 895 – discount
+ 1,550 – leather and heat seats
+ 2,184.81 – taxes
$ 28,828.81 total

Again, if you know how to get a better price, contact me or this is what I’ll end up leasing for. BTW- I’m leasing as the technology will be changing so much in the next few years, that I don’t want to own. In about 5 years, I’ll buy a used hybrid.


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