Western Slope Energy- a melding of minds…

The Washington Post published an important article that highlights how the huge invasion of energy interests into Colorado has united traditional antagonists in a common cause.

This article clearly relates how the concerns of ranchers, land holders and environmentalists are overlapping. The energy companies have overstepped their privileges. Privileges that were given to them by the Bush administration in a manner that circumvented the will of the people. So much of the work done by the Clinton Administration has been reversed to make way for a sell-out of the people’s common areas. Our interests are of no concern. The energy companies know how to get what they want. They know how to manipulate Washington, Denver, the counties and the private land-owners. They set their sites on a target and have the resources to flood the system with money and favors.

It is my opinion that the Bush Administration, eager to return the favor of their donors, are destroying public and private lands without regard for the long-term environmental and social impact. My family has been approached by Gunnison Energy (a Koch company) and spent six hours with them hearing their arguments for why drilling on our land would be such a benefit. They showed us other drilling wells and the “man-camps” that monitor them 24/7/365. Their enthusiasm for their jobs reminded me of a drunk who is so delighted with his inebriated state that he has no awareness for the harm he commits.


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