Modular Home Series- delivery and set-up

Modular homes are fascinating. I say this with no reservation as I was mesmerized by the possibilities of a house- built in a large warehouse and delivered to my door- could achieve. This house was delivered and then set over a period of four days. It was an astounding sight to see it be craned in to place and the process. Insta-house! Just add money!

However, the process leading up to this entertaining video was less than satisfying. If I had to do it again, I would order the boxes built, but have the finish work done on site to maintain control. I would also have a 3-d model built in Google SketchUp to experience a virtual version. There was a real disconnect between the blueprints and the final version.

The final quality was not up to my standards and does not reflect the building finishes of this region. The finish work was marginal at best, sloppy and unacceptable, at worst. The design and order process was not detail-driven and left a few visual items out of the discussion. It is better to control the finish work that a home owner looks at every day. After all, most houses are just a series of volumes tied together.

Users beware: take your time in the design stage. Unlike stick-built construction, once it arrives, its final.


One thought on “Modular Home Series- delivery and set-up

  1. Wow! That’s a project. How many hours did it take to install once the trucks got to the property? Good music selection, too!

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