This Brave Nation video series

This Brave Nation is an online video series that appears to hold great promise. The planned speakers include:

– Bonnie Raitt
– Pete Seger
– Naomi Klien
– Tom Hayden

With its first episode, we are privy to a conversation between two environmental-social activists who have had a huge impact on their chosen fields. These passionate men are Carl Pope, president of the Sierra Club, and Van Jones, founder of numerous social organizations, including The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Green For All.

Carl Pope and Van Jones provide wonderful historical perspective to their early childhood’s political and social climate which gave rise to their activism. We find reasons for why they chose these paths. The soil was fertile and remains so. Over the years and as a product of their generational differences, each advocate has used different communication channels for their message and make observations about the emerging tools which provide “information empowerment.”

The editing makes for a much better story. It could have been a locked camera perspective on two men talking on a stage. Instead, the editor referenced footage from the 60’s to the present that gave context to the men’s conversation.

More posts will be provided as more episodes become available. For now, I hope you take the time to listen.

Brave Nation, Episode One


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