Blue Tent Green

As of May, I began my first “green” consulting engagement for a digital communications company called, Blue Tent Marketing. I have started a new blog category on the company’s site to document the effort. The following is my first post.


Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.
-Edward Abbey, A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Blue Tent Marketing is at the beginning of a new phase of growth. The phase will examine our activities with the goal of becoming a green company. Digital marketing is inherently more energy efficient than other industries merely by the nature of the product it delivers- pixel based communication solutions. But we are ready to go further…

Green… sustainable… energy efficient… socially conscious… environmental… organic…

These terms and more are being bandied about with increasing frequency. They represent the language of a maturing phenomena that is no longer a trend, but a sustained shift being revealed in the world’s top consumer cultures.

The cynic in all of us is skeptical of the marketing of the green movement. Let me repeat that last bit- the marketing of the green movement. This post is not about the social movement towards sustainable living. That is applauded. That is the call to action for our time.

When a company markets, they persuade. As consumers we either decide that their persuasive messages are authentic or not. Can we trust the green claims found in the marketing of our trusted products? How do we know if they are environmentally sensitive? The ability to verify their claims are, after all, nearly impossible.

We have to trust. We have to trust that the message is true.

A great sum of money is being spent every minute to help companies generate persuasive language. The consultants select words to trigger the proper mental images or feelings. If they are successful, we buy. If we are not convinced, we don’t buy.

Very simple… very difficult.

All of this leads to the purpose of this post… green marketing. Right now, we are engaged in becoming green- not figuratively, but literally. We are examining how we do business, how we operate and we’re being honest about the little things. After all, its the cumulative effect of the little things that result in either an integrated or disconnected company.

It is our hope and goal to make Blue Tent green. As the effort achieves results, then we can go out to the world and be honest about our immediate and evolving achievements towards limiting our environmental impact. Hopefully, we can even persuade our clients to become greener. That would be a great marketing story!

In the process, we’ll be learning the language of green first hand. Then once we are comfortable with the language, we can help our clients be true to their words. Only then will we be able to integrate green in to our green marketing.

Over the next weeks and months I will be creating a number of posts to document our journey. We will be honest about our successes and of our dilemmas. Join us by checking back in soon.



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