A Comparison of Three Talking Heads

One of the great things about internet video is that it allows for side-by-side viewing of events that occurred simultaneously. I thought it would be interesting to compare the three candidates who have stood out as the leaders. At the time of this post, Hillary has bowed out of the race leaving it to be a contest between Obama and McCain.

Watching all three videos provides some sense of each persons ability to connect with their audience. If John Kennedy trumped Richard Nixon based on his ability to understand the emerging power of television, then how do these candidates fare some 40 years later? The nuances of the medium are fully understood.

Each candidate is relentlessly coached on their presentation, their facial expressions, body language, cadence and choice of words. Everything is finely scripted. No memorization is required. Generally, spontaneity is avoided and rarely viewed by the public.

Take a look at these professional politicians. They represent the pinnacle of a system of refined persuasion. “The message is the medium.”





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