Fred Krupp for Secretary of Energy

Fred Krupp is the current president of the Environmental Defense Fund and author of the best selling, Earth the Sequel . He is a major proponent of moving America ahead in the area of energy development. He doesn’t promote fossil fuel, quite the contrary, he has demonstrated the viability and the necessity of “alternative” energy sources.

Mr. Krupp is not an environmental extremist. He is a pragmatic realist who sees an opportunity for both the environment and big business. He backs his claim up with facts and communicates a synthesis of the current market, the players and the possible outcome.

Mr. Krupp also pulls no punches. He states that committing our resources to this endeavor is paramount. The state of the planet’s systems demands change, not in ten or twenty years, but now. He clearly communicates that we must make renewable energy and carbon reductions a reality in the next year and a half!!!!

View this educational interview recently conducted with Charlie Rose.


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