Ricardo Semler: a successful contrarian

Ricardo Semler built a company that breaks all the rules. He encourages his employees to play hooky, tells them not to bother with growth plans. Workers choose their own salaries, set their own hours, and have no job titles. Ridiculous? Inefficient? A recipe for chaos? Perhaps. But over the past six years, Semler’s company has increased its revenue from $35 million to $212 million. And with over 3,000 employees, it has virtually no turnover!

It’s inspiring to read about this kind of maverick business leader in today’s business environment. It’s antithetical to managing overhead and determining productivity. However, that may not be true. If employees can establish their own goals and accomplish them, a company can then more accurately predict what it can achieve.

Here’s an interview with this unusual man–and author of the best-selling book, The Seven-Day Weekend.


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