Obama and the DNC

I just gave $50 to the Obama campaign. I didn’t think I was going to give so quickly as I’ve been waiting… Waiting to see if he would rise. Waiting to see if he could contend with the political defamation machines. Waiting to see if he could capture my hope…

I can’t wait any longer.

Here are the words I contributed with my donation:

As I listen to the words or Mr. Obama and sense the need for a new language of politics, I begin to hope that he may have a shot. The old language of politics is stale. The old language perpetuates the belief in difference. The old political language survives on polarization, rather than common ground.

I have pulled back from national politics to devote myself to local government where my actions affect policy. This is where I have access to create intelligent change. Mr. Obama is causing me to take pause and perhaps, dare I say it, hope the national system can evolve.

I hope that he can change the politics of cronyism. I hope he can return our country to a merit-ocracy where the most capable, and not the most connected, are advanced. I hope that he can act, as President Lincoln did, to foster healthy debate within his administration to arrive at a most just and thoughtful course.

I hope that the people can be empowered to know their power. I hope that the word "revolution" can be uttered w/o fear of our speech being revoked. I hope that Obama will be our "revolution" and turn the tide. I hope that my children can believe that this is their country. I hope they can experience a leader who can show them that to make mistakes in the pursuit of what is just is human. To not admit weakness, not embrace change, is the sign of a coward, not a leader. I hope that the next generation who watches their parents today, will believe that we value their tomorrow.

I hope Obama can be the change for which I hope.


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