Your Brain on Your Phone… Pop!

As I wrote in a past post, called Electromagnetic Exposure, the cell phone could be a dangerous device for the health of your brain. We’ve all heard the “rumors”, but what if it where true and we discounted the “rumor” because we really don’t want to hear about another health danger?

Again, Lloyds of London, one of the worlds largest underwriters, has identified this issue as the next great liability action for personal injury damages. Follow the trail. The underwriters are already creating policies for the mobile phone manufacturers so they can buy insurance to protect against massive class action suits. This sounds disturbingly like a lesson from the tobacco industry- protect yourself now from future “blow-back,”while reaping massive profits until the whole thing falls apart. In this instance, I’m using a government policy term for the unintended future consequences of an intervening action.

This video attempts to illustrate the “strange” affects of cell phone signals on popcorn. I don’t get the feeling that this is video “magic,” but it could be… a hair dryer under the table?! Some post-video work? You be the judge.

11/3/08- turns out this could be a hoax after all. It seems to have been debunked by CNN in this article. Well… at the least the part about Lloyd’s of London’s insurance policy is not a hoax!


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