Simple Health Advice? Don't Be a Maggot.

Thomas Lodi, MD, speaks about diet and cancer. He advocates healing cancer from the inside out. He suggests taking cues from other mammals and asks that we look to the laws of nature for our healing remedies.

Carnivores eat fresh meat. They gorge on all the body parts at that moment. Rarely do they come back and eat meat that is decomposing as a corpse. There simply does not exist as much energy in meat as it degrades. If meat is eaten while its decomposing, then the consumer is usually a maggot. Are we maggots?

Herbivores, on the other hand, tend to be the strongest and have the greatest endurance. A horse, for instance, can exert energy over an extended period of time consistently. The energy produced from fresh food that is not processed (dead) or preserved (dead) is far greater and in line with natural laws. His talk strikes at the obvious, which in our culture, we have ignored over convenience.

I think I need to go plant some potatoes. Be back soon…

“The person who is not their own physician by the age of forty is a fool.” – Paraselsus


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