Generating Possibility Through Contribution

When I meet someone who has a passion for their work matched with humor and humility, I am inspired. I am reminded about my desire to contribute to the lives and work of those around me in a manner that helps them achieve their very best.

When I work towards generating possibility in others, what I get back is the satisfaction of seeing those around me shine. When they are lite up, I’m lite up. Only then can I produce my best work.

When creating a product or service, it is successfully achieved only if everyone feels they are contributing in a positive manner. It doesn’t matter if I’m creating a dinner with family or an international music service. I want to find how to get the best of each person involved. It takes compassion, insight and the ability to listen. This video reminds me of that way of engaging with others.

Benjamin Zander is a person whom I know of only through an audio podcast. I heard his words, his passion, his humor- and now I want to meet him! I was unable to ponder his words without considering my own contribution. Mr. Zander appears to know how to lead those around him to be active participants in their lives.

This talk was recorded live at the TED conference in Feb. of 2008.

Video not working? Here is the direct link.


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