You've got mail (with a UX video)

Generating ideas collaboratively shapes concepts faster resulting in effective UX sprints.

At The Groop, we’ve developed a number of ways for capturing the ideas we generate in a collaborative environment. The main caveat for these sessions to be effective is that the team have the capacity for honest dialogue. Most of all, though, the team needs to stay “idea-flexible.” If egos are at play in the room, the session stops being of value.

The value is that we can quickly work through our ideas; self and group edit; and arrive at a collective solution. It’s one of the steps needed to creating a successful user experience.

Once we have an agreeable solution, we package it into a final video. Videos are a great way to disseminate the thinking to other team members that may either be remotely located or simply needing to be kept abreast of progress. How fun is it to know “you’ve got mail” and it doesn’t require reading!

This video shows Jose Caballer and myself working towards a solution aided by the Groop’s team mascot- June.


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