Presenting… Digital ADD Executive Breakfast Panel

Speaker Charles Erdman at recent Groop Skool executive breakfast panel talk.

An excellent group of attendees recently battled traffic and other obligations to come listen to me and a panel of digital professionals at the recent Executive Breakfast Series, called “Digital ADD- Breaking Through”.

The early morning event was held by The Groop in order to help business executives understand how to focus their digital initiatives on the core needs to build successful human-centered services. Attendees came from such companies as Disney Consumer Products, Live Nation and the greeting card company, Knock Knock.

The awesome panel presented the following individuals:

  • Mike Macadaan: VP, User Experience at MySpace
  • JP Bedoya: Sr. Director of Product and User Experience at Citysearch
  • Noam Dromi: COO of TempleHome
  • Charles Erdman: User Experience Designer
  • Adrian Sexton: Co-Founder and CEO of New Medici

The Groop  will be holding more talks through the remainder of the year. Look forward to another session in October to be held under the Groop Skool banner.

In the meantime, here is an excellent tool to help you break through the clutter and get clear on your digital content strategy.

Stay tuned…


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