Smartphone Design: Nokia N9 Entry


Nokia has produced a new smartphone that combines UI patterns from both the iOS and Android platforms. From both the hardware and software perspective, this new entry seems compelling. Here are two videos that provide an overview of the phone’s features and development insights.

The first is marketing focuses and a bit over the top with the SVP’s wry little smile underscoring his cleverness. The second provides more information about the UI itself.



If one were to commit to the MeeGo OS, it is still uncertain if it will become an alternative to the three leading mobile OS- Android, iOS and WP7. On the later OS, the following article suggests that the N9 may end up running WP7.

Weird to put this into question up front… Weird also because it causes one to pause and consider the implications on Ovi in general. Ovi will be discontinued as an independent branded service in July, 2011 and absorbed into the Nokia parent brand. The future of those services is unknown.


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