Steal Like An Artist


The beauty of being someone involved with creative services or the design world or design craft (take your pick), is that we can unabashedly admit and even celebrate that we steal. We steal other people’s ideas and executions. We build upon the shoulder’s of those designers and artists whom came before us, but I don’t mean they have to be dead. What we steal may have just been displayed or discussed or sketched an hour ago. Nothing like stealing an idea right from the oven…

Mashing up other’s ideas to create your own is awesome. I would argue that it’s most successfully done when you can no longer recognize the original seed or seeds of inspiration. That the new version is unrecognizable from the original.

Austin Kleon is an author and artist who has a great deal to say on this subject and has made a name for himself doing just that in his newest book, Steal Like An Artist. You can view his site here and/or watch a video on the topic. Good job, Austin!



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