Do the Unexpected- Funded by Nike.


Nike hired two film makers to create a short film about its FuelBand smart bracelet. I know little about the product, though it is probably a new configuration of the Nike+ system that connects your shoe to your phone. (yup, the lead image above has nothing to do with a smart bracelet that tracks your performance… but who cares?)

However, none of this is important to this post. 

What is cool is how the filmmakers used the production budget money. They went on holiday.

The two filmed a 10-day trip around the world mixing in scenes of an “active” “just do it” ethos. In the edit, they post inspirational quotes from Mae West, Hunter Thompson and Eleanor Roosevelt that set the tone of the video. Basically, its their rationale for doing a hand-held spot versus a slick sexy professional quality spot and having an awesome experience on someone else’s dime.

The video is motivational and sells travel and adventure more than it sells a plastic wrist band.

Of all the quotes, I’m particularly drawn to this one:

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
– Mae West


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