Fi- Airline website protoytpe

Fantasy Interactive (Fi) continually impresses me with the quality of content they make available on their website.

I first became aware of their work a couple of years ago when they published a case study that was so elaborate, I thought they were giving away trade secrets. I had never seen so much work done for the case study. The breadth of explanation came close to the actual product built!

(These cobbler’s shoes clearly are shiny and new. How they have so much time to build these is beyond me- but BRAVO just the same.)

Since I first took notice of Fi, I’ve followed their development with interest. Now there’s this.

They have built a visual prototype that re-imagines an airline website. It’s a prototype of what an airline site could be when more focused on the experience of travel. It would open a whole realm of content exploration if the site inspired discovery over simple utility.

Don’t get me wrong- utility is the first priority. If you don’t first nail that- fail. The usability of the primary transactional features (finding a flight, selecting seats, etc.) must be super tight. But once that is figured out from a user flow and interaction POV, then the content becomes the center piece. In fact, the content is really the Trojan Horse to get you to make the purchase using those reservation utilities.

Last point- I’m inspired. Video sells. This is – at its heart – a well produced selling tool (take notice Delta, United or Croatia Airlines).

I’m going to start scripting my next video right now!


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