Volcanic Choir. Nerd music.

Yup. Nerd music.

But I’m a closet nerd. So having atmospheric, layered music to compliment my designer techno-nerdness feels right.

NPR Music supplies me with my fix. From Tiny Desk Concerts to Live Performances – I love it. It fits. It’s approved by my music therapist so I don’t go nuts with the stale sound of keyboards clacking…

Take a listen to Volcanic Choir. Their real time effects, big sound with layers of different beats and tempos that can’t be pinned down is music I can work to. And just when you think a song has found a groove or a peak, it builds a little more and morphs into something new.

Just please… how do we get a band to stop saying, “you’re an amazing audience.”

Here’s the NPR Music streaming concert at the 9:30 Club in D.C- Volcano Choir Concert

OR… here’s a video of “Island IS” from their most recent album.



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