Charles Schwab Does Infinite Scroll

Schwab Logo with lock up

From “Talk to Chuck” to “Own Your Tomorrow.”

Last summer, we @CPB introduced the world to a new articulation of the Schwab brand.

Television spots were generated.

Print ads were printed.

Rich media and banner ads were launched.

And… a new micro-website was released.

However, it took some steps to help this new micro-site make its way into the wild.

Our Schwab client’s were hesitant about a single, scrolling page. Their concerns were not unjustified. They stemmed from an uncertainty that users would indeed scroll to view more content. Additionally, all the content was revealed along a linear path. We felt that we needed to provide a cohesive narrative experience that aligned with our brand message.

So we tested our concept against another shop’s. Their execution placed most of the page content above the fold. During qualitative and quantitative testing, our execution generated a better brand impression; stronger recall of the primary message and greater video views. The layouts made it difficult to conduct a legitimate 1:1 comparison, but the results were enough to win over skeptics and launch our version.

This is the end result which we continue to drive traffic towards from live display ads:

I’m proud of the work and the entire digital team.

Finally, here is the television spot that announced our new brand direction. The team at CP+B and Schwab did a fantastic job- well done to everyone who participated.

On a last note, we continue to launch exceptional work “above and below the line” that is moving the brand forward into new terrain. Keep a look out for more.


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