An Art Installation That Goes Purr

ADC in Miami

“What a deliciously bizarre project” – Seth Godin

art and communication

The ADC (Art Directors Club) Awards are happening in Miami this April 7. If you are only mildly interested, know this before dismissing that news outright…

You can see MY watercolors projected on the sides of buildings. What? Only buildings you say? Ok, how about the moon.

That’s right. My work along with some other minor artists, like Stefan Sagmeister, Milton Glaser, Banksy and David Lynch, will be projected by The Laser Cat. It’s a massive cat projector beaming art out of both its eyes.


What will they project at the renowned Bass Museum of Art, home of Miami’s Art Basil? Good question. If you can’t shell out the entry fee, I’ve displayed miniature editions of my work right here- ahead of the event. Remember… these bad boys will be displayed as two-story works of art.

Top that, Christo!



[Both drawings done on an iPad using the Paper app.]


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