Brand Experience Design.

I’m thinking about adding another modifier to my title – brand experience designer. After all, it’s what User Experience Designers are always thinking about: designing to customer needs while assuring that each brand interaction is cohesive and maybe even a bit magical.

I’ve been an information designer; an information architect; and experience lead and now; an experience design director. That’s what I love about this trade – it never stays static.

All of this blustering comes from a recent Inc. Magazine article that I found fascinating. It’s called How To Create A Cool Brand and its about the work of Partners & Spade.

That article spurred on a quick talk to our UX department, here at Crispin Porter. This is a summary of my observations:

Successful customer-brand relationships continue to demand greater degrees of authenticity from each interaction. Those exchanges allow a brand to speak for itself. When done successfully, the customer takes away an experience or artifact that is gladly promoted. Designing experiences that confirm, deepen and pivot on that relationship means greater understanding of a brand’s behavior.

A recent article in Inc Magazine about the work of Partners & Spade puts this into focus through the case studies of J Crew’s Liquor Store experiment and Warby Parker’s physical retail channels. Experience design is at the heart of those successes and includes both physical and digital integration.



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