Advertising Work Place Expressions

Recently, an email went out asking for expressions we use around the agency.  Some of these are no doubt common to other industries.

See if you can find the ones only found in the halls of CP+B…

What a shit-show.
Out of pocket.
Presos and POVs.
Swinging by.
Too many cooks in the kitchen.
Ducks in a row.
Holding the client’s hand.
Shit shows & clusterfucks.
Too busy running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
This task seems like a bit of a goat rope.
I bet it’ll be like herding cats.
Is this another fucking gang bang?
Lean in.
What’s the tension?
Ping me.
I’ll flip you the file.
Take this off line.
I have a hard stop at beer thirty.
Are we on the same page?
Come to Jesus meeting.
Lead a horse to water but you can’t make ’em drink.
Get some face time.
One-to-one time.
A hallway conversation
Plus it up.
Like two monkeys trying to fuck a football.
Ignoring the elephant in the room
I’ve been chasing my tail on this one.
To get more bang for your buck.
Lets table this.
See what resonates.
Gains traction.
From a media perspective.
Hop on a call.
Happy to discuss.
Playing devils advocate.
Matching luggage.
Pencils down.
Regroup on this at a later time
Let’s take this to 30,000 feet
This could be polarizing.
Let’s gamify that ecosystem
Signing off.
Nip this in the bud.
Burned out.



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