Music of Youth

live rock concert

I’ve been getting a bit nostalgic lately.

I want to rock.
When do we get to do that anymore?

Contemporary music just isn’t cutting it.
I’m not thinking about Red Hot Chili Peppers or Coldplay.
Their good, but I need to step back a bit farther.
What were the songs from the 70’s thru early 80’s that were in the wind as we drove in the third row seat of our parent’s station wagons?

Don’t get me wrong…
There’s a place for The Arcs and Spoon.
There’s a time for Radio Head and Morcheeba.
There’s room for Paul Simon and Van Morrison when you’re hanging with the family.

But that’s not what I’m after.

I want to hear guitars being pushed.
Solos that never end and don’t fit a radio format.
Weird and wild stuff with organs and synthesizers and string instruments.
A mix of glam, opera, punk, ska, country and blues mixed with cool outfits.

The music of my youth seems to have been more inventive, complex and, hell – louder.
Those were the days of themed albums.
That was when the 60’s roots were being pulled and pushed like PlayDo.
The 70’s and early 80’s blew it up.
It gave birth to a bunch of crazy shit.
And the album covers were rad too.

This song list started with the idea of gathering all the hard rockers.
I wanted to recall influences, guitar riffs, lyrics, organ jams and drum solos that were everywhere.
Then I started adding in other songs that were just friggin’ good.
I lost the organizing theme of deep rock and roll cuts.
That’s still there.
You’ll hear it.
I didn’t stray in to funk.
There’s no early disco or rap.

Consider this my mix tape to you.
If I could, I’d have put pencil lettering and a sketch of a stratocaster crossed with two drum sticks on the cover.
Throw some big air guitar moves when it hits you.

Spotify Playlist: Youth Rock Cuts


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